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© Copyright messagesticks  ….  A book written for you by me the WEBSITE OWNER ROB IF you read it and like it Please write and tell me...Rob seotownsville@gmail ... Australian spy thriller. .64,000 WORDS A country police man see strange going on at mining site ,dying animals, poison water holes
Chinese gangsters Sydney underworld money to western china Muslim chinise tribesmen Federal Police SAS American Navel Seals What connection dose a semi retied country Australian police man have with the White House Is he a CIA spy in the cold? Why is there a an American flag with bullet holes on display in his bed room of his house with photos of US troops from a combat zone in middle east Why is he sitting in the photo Why is another photo of him in the White house garden with American head of security of the CIA
So who is Frank the Australian country police man? Or a spy in a real Australian thriller or just a real man in a sex starved town of girls brings thoughts of erotic love So were in this country town is law and order A good read (( CLICK HERE ))   


It was a grey end to a cold day As the Australian Prime Minister look out his window of his front lawn of the the Lodge . The phone call came through from the Americian Secretary of State . The prine Minister listned and murmered approval His last words were ‘just get the basteds” He smiled at his wife who was hurrying him up for dinner at the Dutch Embassy .
It was dark with rising moon still under the tree at the mining camp
The S.A,S went in first, In black camaflarge Behing theem the Australian Federal Police Nothing sais and no sound
Onely a owl in the tree saw it all The darken figers going in to the mens anf women dormatorys A shout them muffled sound A thump then silence
Lights were switched her and there The unmarket van drove up and out came the miners dragged with some shocked and other fowl language to be thrown in unmarked vans
Plain clothes police followed A us embacy van drew up A unkept man with Islamic looks was thrown in tA plain clothes man holding a short barrel machine gun “ He wanted us to live in hell, No he can go and live in his own hell ‘’ The Texan accent was out of place in the outback bush
A wombat in his hole on the outer mine fence, feeling a little worred found a deaper part of his hole to sleep in
An hour later an americian passenger took of from the Twoomber country air port bound for San Francisco
In the darken sky just a red dot of jet exaust
Peace again in the australian bush The madman were caught and gone
Chapter 2 …………….
‘’Frank ,frank “ an excited voice of Debbie came to his sleep The sun had not come up but pastel pink of dawn had lit his room You on TV Get up, you a star Another bang on his door made his alarm clock and whisky bottle shake His hat fell from the door
Still trying to fight sleep he staggered into the living room and falling to a chair. Debbie in blue jeans and spotted blouse has eyes only on the TV. Aerial shots of dead dying cattle and run of poisen from dam and a council loader with a huge bag approaching a creek.
Then a news flash .The Australian Prime minister, a news interview, He was announcing a major terrorist plot to kill a thousand Australian at the Sydney had been caught in the act Police had arrested madman and Islam theorist at a mining sight in central New South Wales .
Debbie turned and looked at Frank.
“You told me nothing last night. Frank Just gobbled your mutton chops, drank half a bottle of wine and talked a lot of poof “
‘Well um I thought nm “
‘’Frank, you’re a pain the bum “
“ I am your partner, Frank “ Debbie in desperation
‘’Um, I think um, I still asleep “
The ringing of the phone, Frank look at Debbie
‘’Please ‘’
‘’Naughty boy go back to bed’’
“ Your cleaning lady will answer your phone ,Honest Frank you have worse habits than my last husband”
A muffled answer came from Frank’s bed room” Least I be safe from you “
‘’Don’t push your luck sweetheart’’ Debbie,
She looked at Frank bed room, with a wicked smile.
A minute later she stood at Frank doorway. “ The district inspector want a full report on his table by lunch time . What you did and why yesterday.”
“Dose the fool not turn on the T.V.”
“Darling I was thinking of breakfast” came Frank voice.
“The word darling ,comes after good sex or wedding ring. Or you just brought a starving girl lunch”
“Or if the girl uses it, She is short of a quid, using charm about take all a man’s money from his wallet “
Debbie took a deep breath “No wonder you living by yourself, selling your dreams to yourself”
“Frank where do you keep the fry pan” spoke Debbie. “Like living with a small child, with you” she told Frank
Frank Mobil phone rang again. He looked at it with pain.
Debbie took it from him and spoke to it.
Giving it back to him ,in thought she said.
Powers that be wish you to take a holiday break It the Queensland Police Commissioner They do not want you all over TV They are sending up two officer from Toowoomba this morning .
‘We can go back to Brisbane “she added
“Well you can , I am going fishing”
‘Were “asked Debbie


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