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Below are normal people like you, who have normal consumer problems. They like you are on tight budjets They can not afford a solitor to help them If you have solved the same problems and you been a good neibour Can you let us know how you did it. Email chataustralia at

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 Sam......I have a unit I am renting for $200 a week Lease is fixed term contract 6 months Two months into contract My realestate agent has put up rent by $40 a week His business is a franchise of a major Australian realestate company.This is against contract law Since legal people cost money Who can I  complain to? Or who can pull this realestate franchase in to line? Townsville

  Paul...... My flat that has a gas heater for hot water outside. It damaged and not working for six weeks Upon complaining, Upon property inspection, real estate girl threatned to breach me for damaging the property by having a sticker on the wall.What are my right as a tennant and who do I complain to?


During a lunchtime meal,corn beef and mashed potato. I watched the chief during the microve warming up the potato.  Testing the tempeture of the potatoe by putting his finger in it This was a cafa in a major city shopping center

Who can tell the cook  to extract her finger?

Susan........... I am a sales girl in a small shop in a country town. Jobs and money are short in country towns. My boss always makes me clean out the staff and public toilets He has sacked the cleaner , he has a high piched voice and screams a lot

.He tell me he is God and has saved me from crime in the street and ruin of my life of a woman. What are my rights of a sales girl in Australia Queensland  Townsville 

Salley....Me a single girl with five young kids all school age. Am in a big capital city I survive on a penson. Is there a special day that coles and Woolsworth drop and rise there prices ?They go up and down like a drunk at Christmass dinner

If you have been through the trouble and worry ,that these people have been through and wish the desprados who are causing the trouble to hell  You have solved the problems or know how to solve them

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Because tomorrow you may have problems and some one you  have helped will help you. Now all people on this site can not contact each other. All email adress of yours are held in private So no one can hack or scam you

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